There are some environments which are known for promoting profound and meditative thought process, which is quintessential to the development of a sound mental health, and the desert happens to be one of such environments. The desert is unarguably one of the beautiful natural places, which has an incredibly big open space, and the sky towering over the entire place.

The fact that the desert is an isolated place, is what makes it ideal for meditation. Basically, the concept of meditation needs prolonged silence, which is what nature offers freely. The desert is a place which offers you the chance of taking yourself far from the reality of this world, into another realm, then back into the natural world.

In the years past, and even till now, it has been a tradition for some people to utilize the desert in having their meditation, in order to rid themselves of personal afflictions, in order to give themselves a sound mental health. In some religious stories, you would see where some people at one point or the other, would withdraw themselves into the desert to meditate.

Going to the desert suggests that you need ample time for yourself, to think and reflect on your life, your actions and a host of others. People do this, so that they can get the needed inner peace, which would improve their mental health, and the proper functioning of their brain.

We live in times when there is not enough time for us to improve our mental health, which can easily be done when you spend sufficient time in a place such as a desert. For those who take out time to do this, it gets easier for them, as their mental health gets better over time.

Due to the fact that the desert is a wide open space, it encourages meditation on a free basis, because there are no environmental distractions; just an open silent space. Hence, being free from things which distracts one when meditating, enhances the mental health of an individual. It is indeed a valuable practice.